Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Beware of this Mistake when practicising Self Enquiry

Non-duality teacher Rupert Spira explains what practicing Self-Enquiry is really about and what mistake many people (even  experienced ones) make.

This video is downloaded from You Tube. There was a very nice comment by a reader named John, at the end of the video on that site that I reproduce below:- 

"I struggled for years and I began to practice mindfulness looking at plants, flowers, insects etc and struggled with the endless chatter and labeling of things in my mind as I was doing it but I got to where I can go one minute with just awareness, no thoughts, no labeling and the magic started to happen, just for a few seconds at a time. Only problem is when I tell loved ones and friends who have no desire to seek and understand, they think I’m crazy. Its like a part of you wants you to fail but do what I did, just keep chipping away. 

When you least expect it, it reveals itself. Some days nothing happens and when it does, for me at this stage for only a few seconds at a time but its priceless, cannot be put in words—never let that side of you that wants you to fail (it keeps planting thoughts of doubt in your mind) win. Each time you doubt, it blocks pure awareness. I can now last one minute just being awareness—I struggle with mediation but for me it’s still early days and can’t wait for more revealing. It will come, it took me more than a decade and now I’m reaping. Just keep chipping away." 

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