Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Padma and Torsten Satsang

Padma and Torsten, satsang teachers from Germany often visit Arunachala with Retreat groups. Below is one of their satsang videos entitled: 

“Handing the Wave, We Believe to Be, Willingly over to the Ocean” 

Inner motionlessness; 

the habit of thinking about us as a person in space and time keeps us caught in trance; the trance can fall away at any moment, as it is based on thoughts and thoughts appear and disappear; 

the idea of me and you can fall away and being remains, what we are anyway already; 

more and more persons get insights into effortless spontaneous being without I-thoughts trying to step in; 

time and space happen in Satsang also; 

“who or what experiences awareness?” 

is the vivid question of self experiencing and this question is open; 

who is aware of awareness?; 

there is nothing missing in this moment; 

untouchable awareness arises once the question “what is it which is aware of itself?” dissolves; 

perceiving the resting in awareness which resonates with all appearances and in your body; 

exploring the limits of the bodies curiously; 

handing the “wave” over to the ocean; 

letting go of all defenses, checking what is really here; 

the willingness to stop and look what is really happening; 

when we are ready to be nothing then we realize that we are everything; 

about pride; grabbing for pride, feeling good with it and by this escaping the feeling of worthlessness can be an addiction; 

the nothing can infuse angst; 

the willingness not to hold on anything; 

no method, no knowing and no holding; guiding mind out of the dependency of methods; being does not require and method; 

being in resonance with what is here already; 

being in resonance with the heart energy; 

the identification of the enlightened with enlightenment is the final temptation; 

the willingness of experiencing nothing and everything; the bigger the readiness to lose everything the bigger the freedom which shows oneself. 

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