Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Let me ask you a question. What is the purpose for your coming to satsang? Why do you come here? If it’s to listen to a lecture, you came for the wrong reason. If it’s for entertainment purposes, you came for the wrong reason. If it’s to compare the speaker with other speakers, you came for the wrong reason. There’s really no reason to come to satsang at all, unless you have an open heart! If you came to satsang with an open heart, Reality will be yours. Not my reality or your reality, but Reality, the Reality, what people call the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God. You are already That, but you have so many concepts you cover it up. You have so many feelings and dogmas and attitudes that you cover up the Godliness. So you have to open your heart and let your reality shine through. 

How do you do this? By keeping silent, by not being judgmental, be leaving the world alone. There will always be something in this world to correct, either in yourself or in your family or in the world or people. You have learned from experience that you cannot do this. The correction is always made within yourself. It is yourself with a small “s” that is the problem. But if you try to resolve the problem outside of you, it will never be resolved. It’s resolving yourself, knowing the Truth, understanding who you are the, that brings you peace and realisation. 

Always remember that is is satsang. It is not a lecture or a sermon or a speech. It is Consciousness speaking to Consciousness. And since there is only one Consciousness, you are actually speaking what I am speaking. You are feeling what I am feeling. There is only Oneness, Absolute Reality and you are That. 

Try to remember this. There is Consciousness. What you think you are, male or female, whatever your name may be forget about that for a while. Think of yourself as Omnipresence. All-Pervading. 

Do not question it. Do not analyze it. Just allow it to take over. The Presence, the Power. It starts within your heart, and begins to spread all thorough your body, encompassing your body. Your body merges with it, and it continues to spread until all of us in this room have become it. We’re no longer human. We have become it. It keeps on expanding and expanding until the entire world is it. It keeps on expanding, expanding until all the galaxies, planets, stars and solar systems are it. It keeps on expanding, expanding until the entire Universe it is. There is no longer anything that is separate from it. Everything is it. 

We may call it Consciousness, the Self, Absolute Reality. This is it. This is your real nature. 

What are you feeling? Try to let go of all your emotions, your preconceived ideas. All of your dogmatic beliefs, all about your body, or about others. Allow your mind to remain empty. 

Feel that I am It, Pure Awareness. I have always been It. There never was a time when I was not It. The appearance of the body cannot fool me any longer. The world and all its manifestations cannot fool me any longer. The Universe with its planets and galaxies and solar systems cannot fool me any longer. I can see through these things to the Source. I can feel the Source became I am the Source. I have always been the Source. There never was a time when I was not. 

As far as thoughts are concerned, they do not exist. They can no longer bother me or make my life miserable. As far as others are concerned, there are no others. There is only the Source. I can no longer be deceived. 

There is no thing that has ever transpired in my life that can hurt me. I forgive everyone and everything, and especially myself. 

I am the power and the presence and the glory. If I am That, so is everybody else. So is everything else. All is well. 

[By Robert Adams]

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