Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Welcome to Arunachala Satsang

Underneath the Blog title, Arunachala Satsang, there is the Blog description, “Be aware of the ‘I’.” This sentence was uttered to me by Professor Kasturi, a famed devotee and biographer of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It was on the occasion that I went to Professor Kasturi with a book that he had written entitled, “Loving God,” that I remarked to him that the title of his book was very apt, as God is indeed loving to all of his creation. 

Professor Kasturi

Professor Kasturi quickly interrupted stating, “No! I did not use the word, ‘Loving,’ as an adjective, it is an adverb and refers to the devotees’ requirement of loving their God. Professor Kasturi then took his book, “Loving God,” from my hands and with the usual inspired word-play, for which he was famous, inscribed the book flyleaf with, “Be aware of the ‘I’,” referring not only to the witness resident in each of our hearts, but also to the all pervading Paramatma who ever has his “eyes,” upon us. 

It could be said that on the day nearly twenty-five years ago, that my initiation to the sadhana of self-enquiry occurred. 

This Blog Arunachala Satsang has been created specifically to let readers know about various Retreats and Satsang programmes that will be occurring at Arunachala. It will also have information and narratives from group participants about their Retreat and Satsang experiences at Arunachala. 

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